Hillary on Human Rights

Hillary Clinton delivered a brilliant speech on human rights in Dublin yesterday–and I got to witness history unfold.  The US Secretary of State identified four specific human rights priorities and emphasized that these drive the nation’s foreign policies.

  • religious freedom
  • internet freedom
  • women and girls’ rights
  • civic rights

The Irish Times reported Secretary Clinton’s commitment to “providing emergency support to ’embattled’ human rights activists who ran into trouble because of their work. Legal representation and communication technology such as mobile phones and internet access were being provided. Mrs Clinton also said ensuring the human rights of women and girls were respected was the ‘unfinished business of the 21st century’.”

Invitation to Hillary Clinton's DCU speech.

The invitation I received to hear Hillary Clinton’s DCU speech in person. I’m proud to have been part of this event!

This keynote address was part of a conference on human rights that kicks off the opening of a new Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction at Dublin City University (DCU). The Fulbright Ireland website reports this Institute “is aiming to work towards Secretary Clinton’s vision and is offering BA, MA, and PhD degrees.”

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