EER Jobs & Opportunities

If you want to get more involved with engineering education research (EER), I recommend consulting the following sites. I’ve created this page for people who would like to either do research or be employed in the field of EER.

The Research in Engineering Education Network (REEN) is a great place to start — see our website at You can find out about all journals in the field of engineering education there, for instance. You can also join our ongoing discussions on our LinkedIn page or follow our Twitter feed @BoardREEN.

Below are additional resources with all sorts of EER jobs, grants, fellowships, and funding calls.

Below, I’m also sharing notifications I receive about EER job postings, PhD fellowships, and upcoming conferences that I learn about via emails or conferences.

Alan Brown (Ulster University) has a PhD opportunity for any suitable candidates you may know of;

“I have a PhD title in EER that is available this year in our annual competition. If you know of candidates who would be interested, please pass it on to them. If successful it will attract a standard DFE studentship for UK and Ireland nationals. “

The SEFI Annual Conference 2023 is being hosted by our friends at TU Dublin, details are available here;

Annual Conference 2023 – “Engineering Education for Sustainability” – 11-14 – Sept 2023 – TU Dublin, IE