Running Strong

Our Norfolk breakfast club — Shannon, Dave, Wayne, and Morgan.

Not much time for reflection today – we hit the ground running.

After a lovely farewell breakfast in Norfolk with Wayne, Rose, and Morgan Ringer, we spent much of the day flying to Ireland.  We enjoyed spending the first leg of our flight with Glen McClure, who is now in Westport partaking of breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

After waiting at Dublin airport in the longest passport control line I have ever encountered, we successfully cleared customs using my brand-spanking new Irish work permit. We sipped coffee at the airport while setting up appointments via Skype and then headed into town.

Lunch with Glen at the Norfolk airport.

Due to a taxi strike, we had to haul my luggage in using one of Dublin’s fine bus companies.  Fortunately, the driver dropped us just a block away from our temporary abode on Kildare Street.  We successfully towed all the bags to the hotel four-handedly!  (Never underestimate the power of Dave or of roll-on luggage.  It took thousands of years for man to put wheels on luggage… we made good use of that discovery today!)

After a quick lunch and a splash in the shower, we were off to find new digs.

We sprinted to our first apartment viewing.

I loved the apartment.  I was certain I would as I’ve scoured the Internet for weeks to find it.  I know the market, and I am pleased with the space, layout, views, sunlight, and appliances in this particular unit.  I tentatively agreed to take it.

Dave with our luggage after clearing customs at Dublin airport.

We decided to keep the second viewing I had booked, but since we had a little time on our hands, we stopped by the yoga studio I’m hoping to use and got a tour from a Brazilian fellow namedWellington. We also went and got two new cell phone numbers.

The second place we visited was also very nice.  It’s located on the grounds of King’s Inn Law school.  Being that the stone row house was built in the 1500’s, and today’s  weather was quite balmy, the house felt cold to me despite being bright and sunny.  I’m sticking with the first one, but hope to hang onto the new friend I met there (another Dave who clearly loves this place and gave us a very fine tour).

We’re currently recuperating.  I now await a dinner of Guinness Pie… having just pried Dave from his jet-lag-induced afternoon slumber.

What I hope will become my new kitchen.


  1. How exciting to have found a place (and a great one) so quickly! Advanced hunting really paid off. Can’t wait to be a guest 🙂



    1. There’s plenty of space… two bedrooms with north-facing windows, one bathroom, and a south-facing living/dining/kitchen. Not much in the way storage space, though, so I don’t know where the suitcases will live.



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