It’s Greek to Me

It takes some adjusting to Greek signage, with it’s mix of Greek and non-Greek words. What can you understand from the beverage list above?

I got something close to what I imagined I was ordering, but wayyyyy full of sugar.  I was hoping for a crepe with fruit, but got gooey strawberry-flavored creme instead.  Later that night, I was still finding bits of pink icing in interesting places.  Including a dot of it on the tip of my nose.

…there’s no telling what you might order.

One thing you can count on in Europe is being able to find the IKEA.  They’re located in the country’s biggest cities (including Dublin which is Ireland’s largest city, and Thessaloniki, which is Greece’s second largest city).

I’ve noticed that IKEA is often located near the airport.  And in Europe, the public bus always goes to IKEA.  The busses in Dublin and Thessaloniki say “IKEA” right across the front of the bus, in day-glow letters.  It’s apparently hypnotizing, and no human seems able to resist.

Sign at the airport for the IKEA bus.


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