Sláinte (to our health)!

Having access to clean, pure water is something of concern to many of my friends back home, so I decided this was worth a post.  I found a great  water purifying system and wanted to let you know about it.
The “EVA Advanced Water Filtration System” is available in much of the world (but I think not yet the USA).  I’ve attached a photo of 7-liter, 9-step version of the filer that I purchased for 179 Euro.
A product manual is available on line and it explains exactly which contaminants the system was able to remove (in laboratory tests).  It’s quite impressive.
I’ve had my EVA filter for three weeks and am quite pleased with its performance. My only concern is with the release valve/faucet, which is entirely plastic (and not aesthetically pleasing to me, either).  I plan to replace it with a more durable one at some point in the future.

EVA Advanced Water Filtration System.


    1. I bought the filter at Colin Ferrell’s dad’s store, Down to Earth. The guy there (his dad?) said lots of people are buying these to bring home/overseas… mine an travel. If necessary…..



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