A Stunning River Valley

Mom has been out in County Kerry the past four days, seeing the place her grandmother grew up and meeting her distant cousin, Eilish O’Hanlon.  Dave and I had the pleasure of meeting Eilish and her husband Con in 2003 and am thrilled Mom finally got the chance to know them.

They live quite close to the mouth of the River Shannon.

I’ve attached a beautiful photo, taken farther up the River Shannon, that my friend Glen McClure shared on Facebook some weeks back.  It makes me want to get back there soon.  I caught a glimpse of the River recently myself, as the train sped over it on the way to Westport last Monday.

Doesn’t this ad make you want to visit Shannon?


  1. Eilish O’Hanlon’s grandmother, Catherine Neenan Boyle, and my grandmother, Bridget Neenan O’Mara ,were sisters. Bridget changed her name to Theresa when she came to America. I wonder how we are connected with your mother.



    1. Hi Suzanne, My mom says “I talked with Suzanne a couple days ago. She’s very interested in family geneology. She’s my first cousin, Aunt Margie’s daughter. I wonder if she even knows that you and I are connected to this posting. I don’t know how she’d have found it but she’s a good researcher.”



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