Wrapping Up Tonight’s Meal at Thai Spice

Wrapping up tonight’s meal at Thai Spice.

One tiny little thing I do to help prevent needless waste is to carry a food storage container (i.e., Tupperware) in my purse.  That why went I can’t finish my meal, I don’t have to ask for a disposable take-home box.

Think how many plastic or styrofoam containers a person uses in a year… those containers will stick around in the landfill for centuries.

This method is painless and guilt-free.

So, why not stow a small container in your bag right now?

The one in my purse has a reusable shopping bag inside (the black one shown is a slingsax by Envirosax, I found my first one here in Dublin in March 2010).  That keeps things in my purse as compact as possible.


  1. That is an AWESOME idea about the container in your purse/bag! I’m doing it! Styrofoam lasts forever in our landfills – not biodegradable, that’s for sure!



  2. How cool is that! We have been recycling for years but never thought of doing that. We remember a cooler sometimes for the car when we are shopping or travelling for leftovers, but never a container at the restaurant. I think you may have got something started for the Walls family. Thanks. Dee



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