Ornamental Hermits? Getting Ghoulish in Temple Bar!

The head of a once-living ornamental hermit, that became petrified in a garden cave in Ireland.

My friend Esther arrived yesterday from Switzerland. She was my first host “mom” when I did a five-month exchange to Switzerland in 1994 with the International Four-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) program.

We’ve been fast friends ever since. She’s visited me twice in the US and served as a bridesmaid when Dave and I married.  My family has been to visit her family many times.

Since she’s here, it’s a great time to do fun tourist things.

Last night, we hit the art galleries in Temple Bar.

One exhibit had the petrified head of an actual “ornamental hermit.” Yes folks, the head of a once-live guy who posed as a garden hermit for the sake of earning cash.

Learning the art of gravedigging at the gate of Glasnevin Cemetery.

It was a fitting start for our evening aboard the Dublin Ghost Bus.  Tons of fun, and lots of fact-based ghost stories relayed by professional actors on the sits where they occurred. A bit pricey at 25 Euro per person, but fun nonetheless.

Between events, we hung out at the Palace Bar and window shopped on Grafton Street.  The Christmas displays are in full swing here.


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