Rathfarnham Castle and Other Delights

Dublin is full of architectural gems and Máirtín D’Alton of Gerry Cahill Architects seems to know something about every one of them!  He and his delightful six-year-old son, Thomas, gave Esther and me a tour of several places last Sunday.  I’ve included photos of our attempted walk along Dublin’s historic South Wall and our subsequent visits to Rathfarnham Castle and the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Máirtín provided extensive, astute commentary.  I wish you could have been here to hear all the details!

Incidentally, Thomas’ mom was at school this day, studying leadership and administration.  Go mom!!!!!

Esther and I have each earned degrees in this area over the past six years.  We’ve actually become more and more alike in the past decade.  Until this past week, however, Esther and I had no idea the other was studying leadership and educational administration!

South Wall and lighthouse from the air, one of the world’s longest sea walls.  (Image downloaded from groundspeak.com)

We were headed out to see the lighthouse when some nasty weather rolled in.

Máirtín and Thomas astutely determined it was best to turn back rather than hike out the the lighthouse in the rain.

We found a cosy place at Rathfarnham Castle where we could wait out the rain. This picture shows typical Irish weather: sunny with rain.

I really had fun with Thomas. He’s a delightfully precious six-year old!

What a cutie!

The toy and costume exhibition at Rathfarnham Castle was fascinating.

What women will do for “glamor!”

Hat? Or, umbrella?

We ended the day at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Irish National War Memorial Gardens is dedicated, one inscription says, “to the memory of the 49,400 Irish soldiers who gave their lives in the Great War, 1914–1918.”  With a farewell wave from Thomas!

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