Expand Your World

US State Department video “International Education Takes You Places.”.

Secretary Clinton’s Remarks on International Education.

The U.S. Department of State says “studying abroad changes lives” and “takes you places.”

Hillary Clinton says international exchange is the best form of diplomacy we have.

It has certainly changed mine… and always for the better!



My US friends who want to find an international exchange program can visit http://exchanges.state.gov.  My Irish friends interested in studying in the US can get information from Fulbright Ireland.

Places I’ve travelled as an official representative of the US:

(1994) Virginia, USA > Switzerland

(2005) Virginia, USA > Tanzania

(2012) Virginia, USA > Ireland

Official study abroad programs I’ve lead for students:

Virginia, USA > Italy

Virginia, USA > Tanzania

Virginia, USA > Tunisia

Virginia, USA > Czech Republic

Virginia, USA > Spain

Virginia, USA > South Africa

Virginia, USA > France
“Where will international education take you?”

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