Faculty Lunch Abroad

My last day in Dublin was filled with fun and with near misses.  (I tried to cram way too much into a single day and I ended up missing half of the events I’d planned to attend.)  A high point of the day was lunch with the faculty of Electrical Engineering Systems (EES).

At lunch, I got to joke around with people I had met throughout the fall (like Dave Berber, Colm Murray, Gavin, Kevin, Finn, Dave Dorran…).  I also met Mick Core for the first time, which was a treat.  He came to teaching after working in industry for decades, where he had 400 employees to supervise, so we had fun discussing organizational leadership in relation to college campuses.

I’ve no pictures from the pub where we went after lunch.  But I assure you, we had great fun!  I became too engrossed in conversation with Ted Burke to remember to document the event photographically — before dashing off to an Embassy party that I never found.

I’ve included photos of lunch, though.  You can’t miss noticing the demographics of this group are much different from my department back home!


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