Glimpses of Trinity College

Visiting Trinity College’s campus is a highlight of any trip to Dublin.  I’ve neglected to show you pictures of this awe-inspiring place. But it’s never too late to make amends….

Incidentally, you can see more images and read about Trinity at the Sacred Destinations website.


  1. I would be happy to give you a tour on your return if you’re interested? Hope you are well. I am getting used to drinking gin on the stairs in the morning and watching daytime tv in my pajamas…….



    1. Nooooo! Dave says, well, there’s always a bright side to everything.

      I’m worried that the closure of the firm where you worked could mean unemployment for architects in Ireland could be reaching beyond the 65% I’d heard last fall? Devastating.

      I’m sure we can dream up some interesting ways to spend the extra time you’ve got on your hands. Research, anyone?



      1. Dave is right, and despite everything I believe things will get better this year. The figure would be higher if there weren’t so many in Canada and the UK. Looking forward to seeing you.


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