Shifting Powers

My colleague from William and Mary, Dr. Jim Barber, bought the Qualitative Research book I recommended to his students.


Yesterday I learned that the EU wants to support interdisciplinary research by including qualitative researchers on science and technology research teams.


Here’s an example of one of the panelist’s interdisciplinary research.


This information session was held at the art museum, IMMA, which is housed in the former Kilmainham Royal Hospital. The facility is beautiful.



Colleen Dube, the executive director of Fulbright Ireland–who has been a strong supporter of my work–moderated a panel discussion.



I enjoyed the transfer of power underlying the picture posted above. The royalty no longer hold the power to shape society’s future: those researcher on the floor do!

Likewise, quantitative research has reigned central in the sciences, but this session provided evidence that qualitative work is gaining credibility. It’s being seen, more often, as an important perspective that is an essential part of good research.


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