Curved Streets

I captured a few more images of curving streets on our walk to dinner last night.  I mentioned yesterday that Camillo Sitte recommended the urban designers include non-straight streets.  The urban design students I taught this past summer used Sitte’s principles to guide their designs for a new (theoretical) plaza in Rome.  You can see their proposals at Urban Push.  Two of the images below feature landmarks around the bend in the street.

In the photos below, you’ll also see that Dublin has bike share.  If I find the drop-off locations to be convenient, I’ll join the program.  I’ve heard it’s just €10 per year.  Remembering to drive on the left is pretty difficult for me when I’m not in a car, though, so it may be a while before I’m up for riding a bike in the city.  I actually had no problem driving a car on the left side when I rented a manual transmission auto for two weeks in 2003.  The most difficulty I had that year was remembering to convert back to right-handed driving when I got back home.