Four Courts by Night

Ireland’s Four Courts building is so photogenic. The River Liffey sparkles with its reflections at night.  How I love this place!

Eden Morning

I’m mourning the loss of Eden.  Last night ended Daylight Savings Time in Ireland for the year. The shift to Dark Evening Time is a sad event for me each year.

It’s particularly poignant this year, because I’m living so far north that the days will be very, very short soon.  Perhaps fortunately, I’ll be home for the very shortest of days this year, and I’ll get to eek out a little more sunlight than I would here.

I spent the entire sunny day yesterday working at home and needed a change of scenery. So, to help address my doldrums, I headed out for breakfast.

Since I can’t seem to find Sunday brunch in my neighborhood, so I wandered down to Temple Bar and found myself in Eden. Yum!

Eden: spatially wonderful!

Eggs Benedict, Eden style. What more could a girl want?

Eden prides itself in Irish cuisine fused with European flair.  Funny, eh?

The Irish referred to “going to see the Europeans” when we headed out for Greece. They see themselves as different from the continent… and thus not entirely European.  In my book, they’re so similar to US American, that we actually maybe a closer match. (Please, please, please vote sensibly my countrymen. Don’t succumb to inaccurate claims and smoke-and-mirror budget proposals.)

I’ve heard two people (one an emigrant from the US) say Ireland may well become the 51st state.  It seems to align more and more with US culture every day. Although if we loose Obama, there will be a wider gap in values between the Irish and US ethos.

I’ve attached snapshots from breakfast (Eden is a very nicely designed place) and from my walk home… flip through them and pretend you’re here walking with me… imagine the smell of Guinness wafting through the air as you stride down the River Liffey.