Putting a Spring in Tommy’s Step

I’m sitting at my computer in Dublin today, working on papers for two different conferences. A video just appeared on my Facebook feed to brighten my day! My nephews Christopher and David are helping their little brother Tommy shore up his walking skills. Tommy took his first steps just about an hour after we left their house one week ago. Interestingly, Christopher did the same thing two years earlier–taking his first steps while we were in transit home.

The boys are clearly delighted with Tommy’s new accomplishment! Lucy sent me a copy of the video so I could share it with you:

The boys also wanted to say ‘Hi!”

Conner’s Fifth Birthday

This marks the third family birthday party I’ve missed in as many weeks.  Yesterday the family back home celebrated my nephew Connor’s fifth birthday.

Since he’s older than his brother (who recently turned three), the event included organized games.  Thanks to the Internet, we can all enjoy being part of the festivities.

I’ll get to see this crew in just a couple of weeks.  Yeah!!!!!