Dashing from Mennonite to Amish Country

The Christmas trek Dave and I make each year includes Harrisonburg (VA), Middletown (PA), and Salisbury (MD).  The drive from our home in the flatlands of Portsmouth (VA) to the mountains of Virginia something I anticipate with enthusiasm.  We usually experience snowflakes at points during our trip and we often get to see horses drawing Mennonite and Amish carriages along the way.  My aunt Kitty Lee lives in Mennonite country and my mom lives in Amish country.

Another Norman Rockwell Christmas at Kitty Lee and Glen’s

Introducing my Massie grandparents — Layton (Pa) and Lillian (Ma) Massie.  They are my Dad’s parents, and they used to live in Staunton, Virginia.

Although Ma and Pa are no longer with us, most of their kids and grandkids (as well as their great grand kids and their great great grandkid) gather at my aunt Kitty Lee’s home each year to celebrate Christmas.

I enjoy this outing and the chance to catch up with Kitty Lee and Glen (who live in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley), as well as my Dad and the rest of the Massie tribe.

This is the way we’ve celebrated Massie Christmas since the mid-90s.  Before that, we’d all gather at my grandparents’ cozy bungalow at 414 High Street in downtown Staunton, Virginia.

The pictures below were taken December 22-24, 2012.