Bakery Window

A drizzly day in Dublin….

Reflection in Bakery Window on Lower Baggot Street. (Copyright Shannon Chance 2013.)

Reflection in Bakery Window on Lower Baggot Street. (Copyright Shannon Chance 2013.)

Ode to NYC

A reflection captured by Anthony Henderson that captures some of the essence of NYC. (Downloaded from Anthony Henderson's Facebook page.)

A reflection photographed by Anthony Henderson. It captures the essence of NYC on a rainy day. (Downloaded from Anthony Henderson’s Facebook page.)

I had really, really wanted to make a trip to New York City during my trip to the USA. I won’t get to; my work on the research paper has been slow. That’s due, in part, to a cold that has haunted Dave and me for the past week.

To overcome my sense of loss at not having visited New York in two long years, I occasionally transport myself to The City using images such as the one I’ve posted here. Anthony Henderson, a colleague of Dave’s and mine from architecture school, took it.

I hope you’ll enjoy Mr. Henderson’s dramatic photographic reflection of the Big Apple.

Don’t Cry for Me Thessaloniki… The Truth Is I Never Left You

The places I’ve been live on in my soul.  Glimpses of them flash across my mind throughout the day, inspiring me to be part of making great places and to live life to the fullest.

When I was in Thessaloniki, I tried video recording a cool reflection I found.  (You’ll want to turn the sound down–I don’t have software for editing these yet and the street noise is a bit loud.)

But see how much the reflections change with the slightest shift of perspective or moment in time?