The Faces of Floyd (and Someday Mayo)

There’s a wonderful article in today’s Roanoke Times about Glen McClure and the show he’s opening this weekend in southwestern Virginia (my birthplace). Dave will be attending the opening, along with Marshall McClure, Glen’s awesome wife.

Meanwhile, back at the Irish ranch, I’m pulling together a proposal in hopes of showing photographic work by Dave, Glen, and myself in Dublin. Fingers crossed!

This kind of cultural exchange is what the Fulbright program (and my job as a Fulbright Scholar) is all about.  I’m trying to help people understand each other better, in so many respects.  That’s also the point of the social science research I’m doing here.

Dubliners: If you know a gallery that might like to exhibit Landscapes of Mayo by Glen, Faces of Mayo by Glen, Vestiges of Ireland by Dave, and/or Reflections of Ireland by Shannon, please drop me a line!