Traveling Bunny

Bunny at dinner in Dublin.

Do you have something unique you do to remember your travel experiences?  A bit of home you bring along to help you remember who you are?  Some way you “frame” what you’re seeing that helps you understand and interpret what’s going on around you?

My unique take involves capturing photos of “urban reflections.”  I enjoy having this storehouse of images to look back on.  In future years, I’ll be able to reminisce about the places I’ve been and fun I’ve had.

And, I’ll be able to see how things have changed over time in the cities I have loved!

My current house guests, Mary and Tim, have their own way of framing their travels.  They bring thier “Bunny” with them everywhere they go.

Since they are accomplished travelers, they have pictures of Bunny in famous sites all around the world!

Here, Bunny nibbled a plump Irish carrot — while we dined on quiche and steamed veggies!

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