Train-ing for Westport

Headed west and enjoying all the train has to offer.  (This photo also marks my discovery of the panorama feature on my iPhone.)

Arriving at Heuston Station this morning. I arrived by tram. Others by foot, bike, car, and bus. Dublin is full of double deckers!

Few Americans have ever ridden a train.  That’s so unfortunate.  But it’s because, by the time we pay the costs to purchase, maintain, and insure an automobile (and pay taxes to build and repair roads), there’s not much left for train tickets.

And in the States, one must have an auto to get by. That’s true in almost every place.  Except New York City (although my sister feels the need to have one even there).

That’s a shame because train travel is amazing!  So comfortable and convenient….

I awoke early this morning to catch my 7:30 AM train to Westport.  I’m making the trek, as so many people from all around Ireland do, to see the holistic (and mercury-free) dentist there.  She scheduled me so that I can take the train from Dublin and back in the same day.  So, I’m traveling coast-to-coast again — headed back to County Mayo for the day. Hoping to find a comprehensive solution to my dental problem.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying beautiful views, reading, and the use of free wi-fi, on-board restrooms, and snack cart service offered by Irish Rail. You can’t get any of these from a car!  Yes, you can see there’s a view from the car, but you have to watch the road….

It’s so simple: I retrieved my pre-booked ticket from the machine…

…then waited for the board to show what platform to go to…

..and then found my reserved seat, to enjoy the ride.  And what a ride! Watching history fly past… I’m so in awe of the majesty of this land.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL view of history from the train! I remember traveling by train in France in total awe of how magnifique it was! 🙂 Do you have the new iPhone for the panorama shots? So glad you are having such an amazing time! It’s so fun seeing your life through your blog. I wish I had had that when I was overseas. WOW, how times have changed! Miss you, but I’m actually seeing more of you now than ever before! Who’d have thunk? Love, Michelle From: Ireland by Chance Reply-To: Ireland by Chance Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 17:38:15 +0000 To: Dirk Katstra Subject: [New post] Train-ing for Westport shannonchance posted: ” Headed west and enjoying all the train has to offer. (This photo also marks my discovery of the panorama feature on my iPhone.) [caption id=”attachment_738″ align=”alignright” wi”



    1. I’m happy to be able to rekindle those fond memories! Living abroad is so very much easier these days than it was when you forged your way through France alone, and I through Switzerland. The Internet makes home feel closer, even on the tough days!



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