Exploring with Elias

Meet Elias and Anna, two people who often brighten my day.

Elias and his mom, Anna.

Anna is the daughter of my friend Rosemary Thornton Ringer (aka, the Sears Kit House lady) who married one of my best friends, Wayne. I was the “Best Woman” in their wedding!

Although I’ve actually only met Anna and Elias a few times, I have the excellent fortune of being friends with Anna on Facebook. She’s currently in a new job teaching music at Boston University.

Her daily updates about Elias inspire me to reach for the stars. He’s an exceptionally curious kid, and she seems to be an astute mom who gives him room to explore and patiently answers his questions to the best of human ability.  She also takes the time to record the events and share them on Facebook.

I personally learn so much from this little boy and her mom.

These two people make my stay here in Dublin brighter and more joyful.  Elias’s comments remind me to “explore,” “go slowly,” and proceed “like I’ve never seen the world.” And, of course, to sometimes be “human tape.”

I love this kid!  And his family.


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