Architectural Technology Review

The book Gavin and I discussed today. Thanks to my Mom for brining me the copy!

Yesterday, Gavin and I met for lunch as normal.  We each bring new discoveries to discuss.  So I brought the book Mom gifted me, “How to Write a Lot” by Paul Silvia.  I found it very helpful–the chapter on group learning even ties directly to our JEE research project.  I proposed that Gavin read the book, too, and we can use it to guide a learning group we’re thinking of getting started.

At the end of lunch, something interesting happened.  A Muslim guy came into the restaurant, washed up and set up a little space to pray.  He simply nudged one table aside and knelt down for a mid-day prayer.  I was all ready to head out, so I quietly said thanks and bye to the guy working the counter, and slipped away.

I hoofed it up to Linenhall for a review of work by the third year students in the Architecture Technology program.  DIT offers programs in Architecture as well as Architecture Technology.

These Technology are learning to with for and with architects. The teachers in the program (shown on the right hand side, below) do develop the basic design, and the students work in teams to detail the architect-designed building.

One team of Technology students explaining their work.

The teachers give feedback along the way, and make suggestions for refinement of the work.  It’s really interesting for me to be able to learn about the construction methods used here in Ireland… which have similarities and differences to those used in the USA.

The team’s work in progress.

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