Burrishole “Abbey”

It turns out Burrishole Abbey was never actually an abbey.  Although some people know it by that name, the more proper term is Burrishoole Friary.

Glen brought us there in September, when I expressed interest in seeing ruins.  It’s located just outside of Newport, which is where he favorite B&B, Seapoint House, is located.  (Carol took such great care of us there!)

If you have family there, you can even check the Find a Grave website to locate their internment location.


One Comment

  1. D. Eugene Thompson, AIA NCARB replied using LinkedIn:

    This looks like a very neat place. My wife’s family is originally from Ireland and this is one of the places we never made it to during our travels in Europe. She had always thought it would be neat to get married (barefoot with a wreath of flowers on her head) at an old church in Ireland. Maybe we will make it over there soon to a place like this for one of our anniversaries before we get too old….lol.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!



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