Glimpses of Grennan Castle

Shannon and Dave–hot in the pursuit of abandoned castles. We stopped to admire Grennan Castle from a far.

We didn’t get inside Grennan Castle, but did catch a glimpse on one of our castle-hutting-near-Killkenny days. This castle was constructed in the year 1210.

Abandoned Ireland looks like a fabulous site. It includes photos from the inside of Grennan Castle, and explains:

“Grennan Castle measures 20 metres x 13 metres and stands 20 metres tall, the walls at their base are 2.5 metres thick. The ground floor contains three barrel vaulted chambers with an entrance to the second floor on the south side by a staircase built hidden into the thickness of the wall. At the top of the staircase is just a gaping opening down to the floor below. This opening was originally covered by a trapdoor, hence with the trapdoor raised the castle was almost impenetrable.”

Abandoned Ireland also notes that “In 1650 Cromwell’s troops called to the castle. The siege lasted only two days, the garrison marched out leaving all their weapons behind them and promised to never again oppose English rule.” It wraps up by stating, “Grennan Castle survived in good repair until the early 1800s.”

You can click on this image to see a larger version.

You can click on this image to see a larger version.

Grennan Castle in the distance.


    1. Okay, maybe I wasn’t selective enough on the shot I posted. I’ve only so much time to devote to this project, so misspellings and unedited photos are disappointingly frequent. Dave does occasionally smile for the camera….



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