Dave Chance–My Award Winning Photographer

Praise from the HRACRE jurors.

I’ve got to brag about my Dave today.

He’s a stupendous photographer. And very dedicated to his craft. To get brilliant architectural photographs, he’s up at sunrise nearly every day.  Literally, he’s on site, at the building, when the sun peeks over the horizon.

He can tell you exactly where the sun’s rays will fall at any given point in time.

Dave’s award-winning photo of Via design architectsVIMS ESSL building on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

And the hard work pays off. For him and his clients.

Last week, Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate (known as HRACRE) hosted it’s annual awards gala. It gives prizes in 12 categories. FIVE–count em–FIVE of the projects that won awards used photographs by Dave Chance Photography.

At last year’s gala, the speakers emphasized the central role photos play in awards selection. They said the quality of the photos and the entry applications/awards packages has been on the rise.

See what they put in print this year, about one of the projects Dave photographed?  I am so proud!

The new Judicial Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. Designed by HBA and photographed by the one and only Dave Chance.

The new Portsmouth Housing and Redevelopment building. Designed by Via design architects and captured by Dave Chance Photography.

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