Dave Chance Downtown: Renovation Update

Dave’s been hard at work with renovating his new studio. It’s going be used for business activities today, so he had to get the project to an adequate level of readiness.  Still lots to do, but it’s looking great!

Here’s what his wall framing and floor moving projects look like:

Wall with rigid insulation and furring.

Wall with rigid insulation and furring.

Wall with electric lines, batt insulation, and wall board.

Wall with electric lines, batt insulation, and wall board.

Wall taped for spackle and painting.

Wall to the right taped for spackle and painting.

Floor moved for today's auditions.

Floor moved for today’s auditions.


Demolition at 616 High Street.

Demolition at 616 High Street.

My constructions of the week mostly involve educational ideas. I completed initial drafts of two conference papers, submit one of them, and today started drafting a third. I have decided that last fall was my “warm up” period and now it is time to hunker down for a little while and produce a host of papers about various aspects of what I learned.

Back home, Dave has been constructing physical things at his new studio. He removed some case work that didn’t suit his needs and he has purchased the materials needed to insulate and construct a new wall surface over the existing concrete block wall on the east side of the main studio space. In the construction biz, we call this “furring out” the wall.  Dave will be able to hide the currently exposed electrical wiring inside the new wall and it will make a much nicer surface for displaying photos.

I’m happy to report that he didn’t hurt himself in the demolition. It sounds like there were some close calls in that he decided to do the work all by himself. Let’s wish him luck in his “furring” job today… and me on my drafting….

Materials for Dave's rebuild.

Materials for Dave’s rebuild.

More Studio Fun

We're going to move the awning up and add signage. (The sign is not there yet.  I PhotoShop-ed in a version to see what it might look like.  The sign will have to be approved by the Downtown Design Review committee.)

We’re going to move the awning up and add signage that looks something like this.

Dave’s studio is in the building at the back of the courtyard (in the top photo). In addition to designing and renovating the inside of the building, we also need to figure out how to use his courtyard well.

I PhotoShop-ed a sign onto the photo to see what that could look like.  In honor of the movie, I’ve used Helvetica font here.  (Please note:  No sign is installed yet.  The design Dave selects will have to be approved by the Downtown Design Review committee before we can do that.  It is likely to be much smaller than what I’m simulating here.)

I’ve included a few photos Dan Bell sent from the other night….

Dave Chance Downtown

We haven’t yet started moving Dave into his new photography studio at 610 High Street, but we’re starting to design how he will use the space.  Our friends Jenn White and Dan Bell met us there the other night to celebrate Dave’s news.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

One hour and half later, Dave is still reeling in the viewers.


Page Views 2012-12-12 at 7.29.36 PM

Page Views 2012-12-12 at 7.29.36 PM


Dave Chance Downtown

A photo taken during the property inspection. I can't wait to see more!

A photo taken during the property inspection. I can’t wait to see more!

We closed the deal on the purchase of a new studio for Dave today!

Dave just announced “Coming soon: Dave Chance Downtown” on Facebook, thereby (finally) granting me permission to blab about how proud I am of him.

He’s been hoping for this building for a year, and kindly delayed until I could adapt to the idea of owning another building in Portsmouth. He wanted gallery walls for display and a new sense of separation between home and work. I’m not sure that workaholics like us can really separate from our work to go home — but, hey, if he wants to try it out, more power to him.

For a glimpse of his work, visit www.davechancephotography.com.

Christmas Fotos

2013 calendar cover

Dave and I put the final touches on our secret Santa project today.

Dave’s weekend was much more exciting than mine… I’ve been chained to my laptop writing all weekend. He went to two fun-looking holiday parties and so did Lucy and Matt.









Today I am so thankful for so many different things.

Dave is one I am ever so thankful to have in my life.  He’s turning 40 this Saturday, and I’m sad to be missing it. Here’s a little tribute to the love of my life.

Dave Chance’s Two Other Winners

Yesterday, I posted images of three of the winning HRACRE development projects that Dave photographed.  Today’s I’m sharing images of the two other projects that won awards; including the AECOM project that the jury praised so highly in its statement.

Praise from the HRACRE jurors for the awards package submitted by the team that included Hourigan Construction, AECOM architects, and Dave Chance Photography.

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital designed by PF&A. Image copyright Dave Chance Photography.

The highly-praised award proposal submitted by Hourigan Construction for the team’s work on AECOM‘s Norfolk Headquarters. Photo copyright Dave Chance Photography.

Dave Chance–My Award Winning Photographer

Praise from the HRACRE jurors.

I’ve got to brag about my Dave today.

He’s a stupendous photographer. And very dedicated to his craft. To get brilliant architectural photographs, he’s up at sunrise nearly every day.  Literally, he’s on site, at the building, when the sun peeks over the horizon.

He can tell you exactly where the sun’s rays will fall at any given point in time.

Dave’s award-winning photo of Via design architectsVIMS ESSL building on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

And the hard work pays off. For him and his clients.

Last week, Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate (known as HRACRE) hosted it’s annual awards gala. It gives prizes in 12 categories. FIVE–count em–FIVE of the projects that won awards used photographs by Dave Chance Photography.

At last year’s gala, the speakers emphasized the central role photos play in awards selection. They said the quality of the photos and the entry applications/awards packages has been on the rise.

See what they put in print this year, about one of the projects Dave photographed?  I am so proud!

The new Judicial Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. Designed by HBA and photographed by the one and only Dave Chance.

The new Portsmouth Housing and Redevelopment building. Designed by Via design architects and captured by Dave Chance Photography.