Demolition at 616 High Street.

Demolition at 616 High Street.

My constructions of the week mostly involve educational ideas. I completed initial drafts of two conference papers, submit one of them, and today started drafting a third. I have decided that last fall was my “warm up” period and now it is time to hunker down for a little while and produce a host of papers about various aspects of what I learned.

Back home, Dave has been constructing physical things at his new studio. He removed some case work that didn’t suit his needs and he has purchased the materials needed to insulate and construct a new wall surface over the existing concrete block wall on the east side of the main studio space. In the construction biz, we call this “furring out” the wall.  Dave will be able to hide the currently exposed electrical wiring inside the new wall and it will make a much nicer surface for displaying photos.

I’m happy to report that he didn’t hurt himself in the demolition. It sounds like there were some close calls in that he decided to do the work all by himself. Let’s wish him luck in his “furring” job today… and me on my drafting….

Materials for Dave's rebuild.

Materials for Dave’s rebuild.

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