Anna’s Remarkable Spirit

Anna is a cancer survivor who blogs (and follows my blog). She hit a very rough patch. One no one should ever have to find themselves in such a predicament. I admire her courage and her positive “can do” spirit very much. I think you will, too….

cancer killing recipe

It is not a Writers Block – I can’t have one – simply because I’m not a Writer. 🙂 . Mr. Murphy with his Law turned my life up – side – down. On Friday, October 19 – I was just finishing my new post entitled: “Healing powers of laughter ” 🙂 – when I found myself in a very stressful situation – ( Satan at it’s best ) – and I had to run for my Life –  but I colapsed in the middle of the street – and got picked -up by Ambulance. My blood pressure was 220/100 – and I spent 3 days in the Hospital. After several tests I was diagnosed with mild hearth attack, high blood pressure, spots on my liver, thickened esophagus. I asked  the Doctor: “what is realy wrong with me ?” – he said that they needed to do more test ( ??? )…

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