Notes from Home

What Malahide Castle looks like from outside the fence. (Photo downloaded from Evergreen B&B.)

The Irish are typically this polite…. This sign announced the castle was closed for restoration.

Paper celebrating end of war in Europe.

I’m not wild about spending months apart from Dave, but there are so many fun ways to communicate theses days using the web.  They make it much more bearable than the year I spent working in Switzerland (1997) without him.

I thought I’d share some fun things Dave sent me this past week:

A photo from our March 2012 day-trip out of Dublin to see Malahide Castle (top).  It was, unfortunately, closed at the time. Wish we’d have had a closer view of the castle (below the castle).

Dave also sent this pattern he found:

May 7, 1920  birthday of the Uncle who Dave’s Dad was named after
May 7, 1945  date of German surrender WWII
May 7, 2012  date of Dave’s Dad’s death
In another email:
“Imagine my surprise… is a ‘premium’ domain name.
currently for sale for $1200….”
Yikes!  Guess that’s what happens when you have a “web presence.”  Companies buy your name hoping you’ll buy it back.

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