It’s ten o’clock (somewhere). Do you know where your trampoline is?

Flying trampoline. (Photo credited to Twitter user @courtmcmanus)

Can’t say I’m sorry to be missing this storm back home.

All is still fine at our home, Dave says.  (We just chatted on Facetime.) He’s still working away. As am I.

In the meantime, I checked Facebook and thought I’d share this outlandish image from Milford, Connecticut, with my friends here in Ireland.

It’s a little window into what life is truly like in the US of A. I live in a neighborhood a lot like the one pictured.


  1. I laughed the other day when I saw that one of the people down the street from us had used a single rope to link a trampoline like that to a big oak tree. It looked silly then. Now it doesn’t. (And I’ll confess that my canoe is tied to a tree.)



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