Halloween Hitchcock

Psycho at the National Concert Hall. It was amazing! The orchestra was always on cue with the footage. If you haven’t viewed the trailer on YouTube, you really should.

Seeing Psycho last night at the National Concert Hall was a phenomenal experience. The RTE Concert Orchestra brought Hitchcock’s film to life in an extraordinary way. And the space was enough to make this architect’s heart stir.

And the best part of all? I got to attend the event with three amazing people: Trish Long (Vice President & General Manager of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Ireland), her husband Paddy Woodworth (who, among his many activities, has taught at Dartmouth), and Grainne Humphreys (Director of Dublin International Film Festival). Grannie travels the world visiting film festivals this time of year. Unfortunately, for her, that means that she’s always working–at least just a little–when she attends a cinematic event. I, on the other hand, viewed this film with entirely fresh eyes. I’ve never seen it so vibrant before.

I truly enjoyed spending the evening with these three people and meeting their friends Steve (who runs the Grand Canal Theater) and Brendan (an architect). They are all very fun and remarkably down-to-earth. I hope to secure their company again soon.

The National Concert Hall in Dublin is a wonderful space.

Thanks, Trish and company, for including me!


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