Why Hello Fellows!

Delivering the keynote.

DIT’s Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) kicked off its annual Teaching Fellowships yesterday, and I got to help celebrate the event by distributing awards and delivering the keynote address.

The very first keynote of my life!  Imagine that!

And the audience seemed to genuinely appreciate what I had to say about “Transformational Education at the DIT.”

(Okay, so there were just 22 or so people in the room, but I think the 22 of us got something valuable from sharing ideas. But there were also 17 in the room when I spoke at Tuesday’s College Education Seminar so, considering transcribing and speaking, I can honestly say I’ve earned my keep this week.)

Each of the Fellowship winners described his or her project during the event. They all had strong proposals and showed promise to produce the same kind of wonderful effects that Gavin did with his 2009 Teaching Fellowship.

I’m very proud to have been part of the program.

I’ve included photos of some of the incoming Fellows, and a few other shots of my day.

This was the first time I got to meet the Gavin’s dissertation supervisor, Rob Howard, and to discuss preliminary research questions with him.

I also got in a bit of walking–before rain set in and sent me biking across town (in my business suit) as fast as my little legs could take me.

Not safe. Biking in Dublin is very much not safe. Particularly in the rain.

So I ditched my Dublin Bike part way back (at a docking station, of course). Then I headed for groceries and trudged the rest of the way home by foot.

Thanks to Hot Yoga for thawing my bones and picking my spirits back up!

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