Applying for a Fulbright to go to the US

I’ve been promoting the idea of applying for a Fulbright to many people I have met here in Ireland.  Up until now, I wasn’t entirely clear on the specific types of awards available for Irish folks who want to be Fulbright-ers in the USA.  I’ve recently discovered that there are three types of awards offered.

  • Fulbright Student Awards: For up to one academic year for postgraduate study or research in the United States in any discipline, including the arts. Grants are a maximum of $20,000. Applicants may stay to complete their academic program if it is longer than one year.
  • Fulbright Scholar and Professional Awards: Grants available for up to €35,000 (Irish Language) and $20,000 (General Awards) for academics and professionals with more than five years’ experience to research and/or lecture in the US, lasting between and three and twelve months.
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship (FLTA) Awards: Ten-month Awards for Irish language teachers to refine their teaching skills in the US by teaching at a US college and taking classes at a post-graduate level. Grants are available for approximately €20,000.

The applications are due tomorrow (November 14) for travel in 2013-14, but this information can help my Irish friends as they plan for the future.  Additional information is available from Fulbright Ireland.

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