Is this Coke’s Idea of Targeted Marketing?

Billboard next to the Fresh Market.

Really Coke?

This is what you think will appeal to Dublin?

Because nothing says “Christmas” quite like tractor trailer trucks.

Were you trying to make us think “yum”? Because I’m not.

But then, I guess I don’t represent your target market.

I’ve posted a photo of what I purchased just after walking past your tantalizing billboard in Smithfield plaza.  The produce in the photo was already at my apartment (because I keep a collection of fresh fruits and veggies), but the muesli, aloe, and salmon I bought after passing your ad.

My bounty from Fresh Market, Centra, and several local produce vendors.


  1. I’d never heard of Aloe King before. We used to keep a few stalks around the house when I was young. A very popular ingredient in beauty products. I did a few science projects on it in high school. Good for burns and scratches. A real “colon blow” of a laxative, though.



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