Finding Gavin Duffy

Gavin (left), his brother Aidan, and the Monday night musicians at Hughes Pub.

Finding Gavin Duffy has been a challenge lately.  This case is much different from finding Kevin Donleavy, but this story also ends in a pub.

November is notoriously hectic in the university world, and Gavin works so hard and teaches so many hours that he doesn’t have much time for lunch chatter these days.  In addition, he’s got his hands full at home with three growing kids and another (surprise!) on the way.  (Congrats are in order to Gavin and Carmel and their three very-happy-to-have-a-new-sibling kids!)

But I also want to do my job here, which is to help Gavin progress with his dissertation.  I want to make sure we’re ready to meet with his dissertation advisor Thursday.  We really need to have something new to say.  We need to show some progress — so as to use Rob’s (and our) time well.

In any case, I know I can track Gavin down in my own neighborhood once a week, when his group of musicians gathers to play at Hughes Pub.

We shared our research progress, quickly between songs last night, and had some fun in the meantime.

I’ve spent more than a little time at Hughes Pub this week.  Saturday night I went in at ten o’clock not knowing a soul.  I left at two in the morning with three new friends: Dubliners Kathleen, Sean, and Mick.

Paddy Woodward described the feel at Hughes as a fine suburban-style pub, if I remember correctly. I didn’t understand until I visited the back part last Saturday. I arrived with the tourist crowd…

…and left with the locals. Thanks for tons of laughs Kathleen, Sean, and Mick!

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