Envisioning the Future of Education with Brian MacCraith

The president of Dublin City University (DCU), Prof. Brian MacCraith, delivered  a lively and informative lecture Monday night at St. Patrick’s College. His topic was Envisioning the Future of Education. And what a visionary President MacCriath is — I learned so much from his talk! I’ve not got time enough to explain all I learned; I’ll include snapshots of some interesting slides at the end of this post. I’ll explain a little in each caption.

I did look up one of the sources he used, as it ties to my map-tracking.

Internet usage by continent.

Internet usage by continent (downloaded from Internet World Statistics).

One chart he showed (above) helped explain why my blog gets fewer visitors from Africa than Europe and North America. In Africa, just 15.6% of people have Internet access. In Asia, though, there are more people with Internet than on any other continent, so why is my Asia map so blank? Still no one from China…. and of the world population of Internet users, most are in Asia.

Internet distribution

Internet distribution

The population of North America  (shown in blue on the pie chart) is tiny. As you can see above, not that many people live in North America, even though 78.6% of them use the Internet.

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