Drawing Conclusions in Paris

Sketching in Luxembourg Gardens

Sketching in Luxembourg Gardens

Pam Eddy and I attended the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET) International Conference on Higher Education yesterday. We each presented a paper. When the activities wound up, we headed out in different directions. Pam went to hear a lecture at UNESCO that she’s received a special invitation to attend and I went to study the architecture of Paris.

I sketched in the Luxembourg Gardens and in a church that I’d discovered two days before.

Pam and I met back up for dinner with Pam’s husband Dave. After dinner, we strolled through central Paris–discussing things we’d concluded about the city on our earlier explorations.

My Incredible HU Students

I’m so glad to have Facebook so I can stay connected with family, friends, colleagues, and past students. Several of the students I coached in a Disney design competition work as Disney Imagineers today.  Nikk and Nicole Smith crafted this fine image of the Obama family (and yes, they had the blessing of Pixar).

The Obamas as Incredibles, copyright Nikkolas and Nicole Smith.

Carlton Copeland, who travelled to Italy with me last May, posted a reflection shot of his own last week, and acknowledged my contribution.  🙂

Carlton’s caption on Facebook for this shot was:
“An addiction taught by @shannonchance — with Shannon Massie Chance.”

He’s part of Hampton University’s Solar Decathlon team.  You can see his work from our summer design studio at Urban Push. His team’s proposal for a new development in Romewas great. Below are a few of his photos and sketches from the trip, and the banner shot form his Facebook pag

From Piazza San Marco, Venice (copyright Carlton Copeland, 2012).

Carlton’s Facebook banner — a photo from our May 2012 trip to Italy.

A sketch Carlton made in Rome (copyright Carlton Copeland, 2012).

Carlton’s photo of me in Italy  (copyright Carlton Copeland, 2012).

Sketch of Piazza Fenice, in Venice (copyright Carlton Copeland, 2012).