Working, Actually

Multi-use space under the coffee dock.

I haven’t been posting much about the work I’m doing (my readership statistics plummet when I do!!?!).  Nevertheless, I have been working!

Yesterday, I spent the morning transcribing and completing my reading of the methods chapters from several different dissertations.

I met Gavin outside the “coffee dock”  to discuss our projects over packed lunches.  The whole place was very crowded so we found a seat in the area of the cafeteria reserved for teachers.

Lunch with Gavin.

Most of DIT’s buildings with classrooms have a cafeteria, as well as a coffee kiosk (which they call a coffee dock), and other places to hang out or eat a packed lunch.  I’m including of a gathering/eating/meeting space in the engineering building on Bolton Street.  In this picture, I’m looking down from the coffee dock to a multi-use sort of space filled with students.

I love these types of in-between spaces that encourage social interaction… you’ll find them in all of the school buildings designed by the Dutch architects Herman Hertzberger, for instance.

After lunch, Gavin and I headed to a three-hour meeting of the Educational Research Group for the College of Engineering and the Built Environment.  We spent several hours discussing similarities and differences between phenomenology and phenomenography.  Let me know if you want me to Skype you in for our next session!    😉

Three of our six seminar participants — Gavin, Eric, and Sima.

Watching Brian Bowe, Head of Learning Development, bring phenomenography to life!