Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, world! Today I’m celebrating 39,200 visits to my blog. Thanks for visiting and being part of my Fulbright experience in Ireland!stats 39200 map of world at 39200

Visitor Map

It’s always fun to see who is tuning in to Ireland by Chance.

Viewing my statistics map in WordPress helps me assess how well I’m doing my duty as a Fulbright scholar, which I view as helping build and share cultural understanding.

WordPress tracks the number of clicks onto the site shannonchance.net. It’s maps don’t include the people who have the blog delivered to their email boxes, however.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had far more visitors from Ireland than from home.

Thanks TC, Laurie, and Sima for visiting so often from Germany, France, and UK!  I can thank Esther’s family and friends (like Heidi) for putting Switzerland high on the list, too.

To all of you I don’t know yet, I hope you enjoy your visits and that I’ll get to know you somehow, someday!

Visits to this site up until 10 November 2012.

Thanks to YOU!

Thanks for following this blog.  It’s great to know that people are interested in the stories!  It keeps me inspired to write.  I also appreciate your comments, email, and feedback….

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