Finding Familiar Territory in Linenhall  

A plumbing extracaganza!

I’ve recently moved office. Whereas I previously had an individual office with an expansive view, I now share a room overlooking an alley. But, remarkably, it suits me just as well.

As I enter and exit my workspace each day, I pass through architecture crits and exhibits of student work. My new home is Linenhall, the apex of Dublin School of Architecture at DIT.

The Linenhall complex has housed the Building Trades for many years–following a proud history as a linen production factory. My friend Fergus Whelan studied bricklaying here, before growing into the labor-rights activist/history research scholar he is today.

Having recently been renovated to serve architects as well, Linenhall provides me a sense of comforting familiarity. I’m surrounded by architectural explorations–models and drawings of all colors and tones.

This is the stuff of which my days have been made, from my earliest musings in college.

I’m comforted by the vocabulary of architectural models, drawings, and debates… by the buzz of activity and the creative clutter… by the occasional unnamable object of exquisite beauty.

And I’m pleased to share my work space with researchers in education and architectural technology.

Not sure what it is, but I wasn’t the only one taking selfies with it!

An ehhibition of precedent models.

Rome’s Pantheon and its plaza.

A chapel in Switzerland by James Turrell.

Piazza Navona and surrounds, in Rome.

San Ivo, by Borromini.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago.

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