Fabulous Four

I’ve adored baby David since the moment I heard he was on the way.

Now that he’s four years old, young David is one of the kindest people I know.  He’s a genuinely sweet kid who loves being a big brother.  He tries to help out around the house and be a good example to the two younger kids in the family.

He enjoys learning new things and receiving interesting gifts from afar, like foreign currency and the skeleton keys Uncle Dave and I brought him from France last summer.

Hanging Out at Mom Mom’s

Tommy headed for Mom Mom's house.

Tommy headed for Mom Mom’s house.

We all look forward to visiting Dave’s Mom, Christina, who the family calls Mom Mom.  We headed to Mom Mom’s for dinner last night, and baby Tommy was clearly excited about the trip.

In these photos, you see much of last night’s merry crew:

Dave, his Mom, and his brothers Matthew, Michael, Andrew, and Adam. You’ll also see Matt’s wife Lucy and their three boys (David, Christopher, and Tommy), Michael’s wife Julia and their two boys (Connor and Evan).

Awesome Gift

I neglected to mention that one of the best gifts I received came by email on December 24.  Our editors extended our deadline from January 7 to January 21!  Yippie!

Merry Christmas, World!

Thanks for tuning in!  It gives me reason to share stories of Ireland and home….

Map of Views 2012-12-26 at 5.08.24 PM

Home with Dave for the Holidays

There’s so much going on that I want to tell you about.  For now, I’ll just say how wonderful it is to be back at home in Portsmouth, Virginia with my Dave.  I’ll show you what life is like here–very soon!

The home of Dave and Shannon Chance in Portsmouth's Port Norfolk Historic District.

The home of Dave and Shannon Chance in Portsmouth’s Port Norfolk Historic District.

Shannon and Dave visiting friends on the way home from the airport.

Shannon and Dave visiting friends on the way home from the airport.