Canadian Christmas

In 2008, Mom was a Fulbright scholar to Canada, hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  Heather, Leslie, Dave, and I went there to spend Christmas with her.  Here are a couple of photos Mom took during our holiday outings.

Merry Christmas, World!

Thanks for tuning in!  It gives me reason to share stories of Ireland and home….

Map of Views 2012-12-26 at 5.08.24 PM

Remembering Lillian

Last Christmas with Ma.

Last Christmas with Ma.

My grandmother, Lillian Forsythe Massie (aka, Ma) always loved Christmas and made sure that it was a special day for everyone in her family.  She’d plan all year.

This is our first Christmas without her (we lost her on January 26, 2012).

This is the last photo Dave took of Ma.  May she rest in peace.