Making the Cut with Ryanair

Ryanair luggage size check. This lucky lady made the cut. She can take her bag on… with no additional charge. (The friar in line behind her didn’t.)

Ryanair has very strict carry-on policies….

…and after I paid, using my iPad at the airport to check my “oversized” bag, I made the cut, too! This is all I brought onboard for the second leg of my flight.

This is the size bag you’re allowed to carry on.

It’s all sort of like waiting for the bus… no reserved seats. You just get on and pick a place you like.

There were some raised voices regarding the friar’s bag. He and the gate agents were still arguing, even as he and his rolled toward the plane… but they did eventually let him slide by with an extra inch of baggage dimension.
Finally, we could all travel in peace.  Happily, a rainbow followed us most of the way to Greece.

Yow pay for all extras… but that’s no so bad, because you get to pick exactly what you want to pay for… and to eat. You order out of a magazine. The ham and cheese croissant and green tea cost me 4.50 Euro.

It wasn’t exactly “flying the friendly skies,” but I’m glad to have had the chance to fly with Ryanair.

Headed to Thessaloniki

I’m learning the ropes of budget flights in Europe because I’m headed to Greece for an engineering education conference. Heather and Dave warned me about baggage limitations in Europe! (No wonder people wear so little on vacation at the beach here! They’re not allowed to bring more than a Speedo with them!)

My bag was 2cm too deep. It fit in the bin, actually, but the wheelbase hung over.

Penalty = 50 Euro for that leg of the flight alone. More than that flight cost! Someone in the customs line gave me a helpful tip: checking the bag online saves a little money. Thus, I bought airport wi-fi service (5 Euro) and paid “just” 31.25 Euro to check it for the second leg. The upside is that now I have wi-fi to commune with you!

Better luck to me next time! And luck I may need….

I just realized that although I brought my Irish Residency permit and passport, I didn’t carry my work permit with me (it’s a full sized page and I don’t normally carry it). I sure hope I can get back into Ireland without it! I’d better go ask the Irish Fulbright Office for advice….